For Those Interested in Purchasing Ads for the Program:

Above is a sample of a program page for the show. We have 3 options : Full Page, Half Page, and Quarter Page. Listed with the types are prices for the ad space. This payment is a one time only payment.
Once you have decided which size best fits what your ad please fill out the form below to contact our program head. We will then work with you on creating the ad to the qualifications you desire. (Logos and Clip art can be added to the space)
After your approval of the ad, we will send you an approval confirmation. At that time, cash or check can be dropped off or mailed to the Withrow Alumni Office.
Once the Alumni has received the payment, we will send you a payment confirmation and place your ad in the program!
If you already have a finished ad we can easily add that into the program.
Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions! And thank you for your support!
(Please be advised this program will be printed in black and white)

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